Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Care Ministry’s mission is to provide pastoral ministry, primarily pastoral calling, to the congregation in teamwork with the Rector. They also provide Lay Eucharistic Ministry/Visitation which is the taking of Holy Communion to our ill and homebound. We have recently added Reiki therapy sessions offered by a trained Reiki therapist to our ministry offerings.

Expectations of the Pastoral Care Minsters are:

  • Take the responsibility and initiative to schedule meetings, set goals and objectives, and plan projects and activities to achieve the overall mission of the Ministry area
  • Work collaboratively with the Rector, respecting his vision, ultimate authority, and decision-making (all by canon law within the “spiritual area of ministry) in the ministry – but also being proactive about ideas, critique, and feedback
  • Share passions, excitement, and enthusiasm with the team, rector, and congregation, and do not accept the responsibility to chair a team if you do not feel “called” to leadership in this area (a good test of “call” is your enthusiasm and passion for it)

Programs, Projects, Activities, and Events currently falling within the Responsibility of the Ministry:

  • Parish Prayer Chain
  • Parish Prayer List
  • Lay Eucharistic Visitors and their training
  • Margaret Miller Transportation Ministry
  • Flower Ministry distribution of flowers for homebound
  • Other special needs organized by the Rector and Parish Administrator
  • Contemplative Prayer Ministry
  • Retreats
  • Parish Health/Nursing Program