All Saints’ Church embraces the resolution adopted by the 1989 General Convention that stewardship is, indeed, the main work not only of the larger church but of our particular church. Our stewardship credo is simple: Everything is a gift from God. Our responsibilities as Christians are to receive these gifts with praise and thanksgiving, to husband them and, finally, to give them back, as expressed in Luke 12:48 “Everyone to whom much is given, much will be required.”

Each October and November, we sponsor an Annual Commitment Campaign seeking to engage our parishioners in sharing their treasure, time and talent to the glory of God. The campaign is led by lay leaders of our parish through our Stewardship Team.

We are committed to the policy of both the Diocese of New Jersey and the Episcopal Church office of Stewardship to define the biblical tithe (10 percent of annual income) as the minimum standard of Christian giving. All Christians should work towards a tithe of time, talent and treasure.

We highlight the campaign with recognition and testimony of the good work accomplished through the various All Saints’ ministries, which are enabled by the annual Stewardship pledge commitments.

Recognizing, as St. Paul illustrated with the metaphor of “the body of Christ,” that we all have different talents, there are a variety of service activities available for parishioners to return their gifts of talent and time.  See the Guilds and Teams section for those within the church and the Outreach section for those without.


2017 Stewardship Campaign: God is the source of all our gifts

God endows each of us with personal gifts, talents, and material possessions. Stewardship means giving a portion back to God, as a direct way of expressing our thanksgiving to Him for these gifts.

“Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above…”

James 1:17

For the 2017 Stewardship Form, click HERE!