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Adult Forum: From Reconciled to Reconciling

From Reconciled to Reconciling: An Invitation to a Holy Lent

Reconciliation between God and a sinful humanity is at the heart of the Gospel. It is the experience of this reconciliation that underwrites the mission of the Church in the world – to be an agent of reconciliation between those who are separated by conflict, color, class or creed. This series of forums, led by our teaching ministry seminarians, will explore key aspects of the work of reconciliation with case studies of real examples.

Adult Forum @ ASC Lent 2018


Youth Outreach Challenge to Adults: Make 100 lunches for TASK on Palm Sunday

Dear Friends in Christ – The Youth of All Saints’ Church challenge the adults of the parish to join them on Palm Sunday, March 25th after service to make lunches for Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.  The challenge to the adults is to make 2 lunches for every lunch the youth prepare.  The youth will make 50 lunches, and they challenge the adults to make 100 lunches at the same time.  We will take 150 lunches down to TASK the next day.

We have tripled the number of lunches this month over the last time we made lunches for TASK because we are sending them down at the end of the month, when people on a fixed monthly stipend often run out of money.  TASK feeds two to three times as many people at the end of each month as at the beginning, so our extra efforts to help out are much needed.  March 2018 has been cold and snowy; our lunches will be most welcome.

Come and join us after the 10:15 service in the South reception room.  We will leave the church in silence and eat a simple lunch together before beginning to assemble the lunch bags.  All food, utensils, bags and gloves will be provided.  We look forward to having you with us as we serve God’s people at the start of Holy Week.

In faith – Stephen Hegarty & Pastor Maddy

Holy Week at All Saints’

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“Road Signs, Maps, and Detours: Trusting God as We Journey Through Life.”

Please join us for the Annual Women’s Retreat
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