Book Signing with Mako Fujimura – Silence and Beauty

All Saints’ parishioner Mako Fujimura will be inscribing copies of his most recent book Silence and Beauty in the breezeway after the service on Sunday, December 11th.  The books will be available without cost, and Mako will be delighted to inscribe copies to parishioners and to those for whom it may be a Christmas gift.  Donations for the Fujimura Fellows Program will be collected and will help further the education and travel expenses of the Fujimura Fellows.

In Silence and Beauty, Mako reflects on his pilgrimage along the tangled path of Christian faith and his calling as an artist, while grappling with the reality of pain and the beauty of his own cultural heritage.  He considers these experiences in light of the renowned novel Silence, published in 1966 by Shusaku Endo.  One of the great literary works of the 20th century, Silence chronicles the persecution of Christians in 17th century Japan, and challenges the appearance of God’s silence at moments of human suffering.  Silence is the subject of a motion picture by Martin Scorcese to be released at the end of December, on which Mako was an advisor and of which his book is a companion.